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Blog au Roux

Great Creole cuisine comes from the blending of cultural influences — French, Spanish, Caribbean and African — to create a truly distinctive and memorable taste. Our varied backgrounds allow us to share our collective expertise. As for Creole cooking, we start with one core piece of advice, “First you make a roux…”

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I Must Have a CMS!

Many inquiries we get from potential customers are focused on the development of their company’s website.  Often, part of that conversation focuses on the future control of their site and invariably turns to the demand for a content management system, or CMS, which is a web-based application that allows businesses to update website content from the website itself.

When a customer emphatically demands a CMS—I immediately answer, “of course—but why?”

Do you need a CMS?

The Internet is basically a limitless font of digitized informationAnything and everything can and has ended up on some sort of website at some point in the past three decades.  The trick is organizing and updating that information while making it easy to access.

Web developers and programmers have the tools and skills to update websites themselves.  If you aren’t planning on going back to school and need to make frequent updates to your site, you may want to consider using a content management system.

Content management systems have become increasingly user friendly and allow you to organize your website in such a way that it is accessible to everyone.  The trick is finding and implementing the correct CMS for your needs and budget.

Ursuline Academy Site Overhaul

to inform their current community of academy events
to attract prospective students and parents
to stay connected with Alumnae
We answered this request by updating the design, implementing WordPress as the content management system (CMS), and re-organizing the content of the pre-existing site.
Same Ursuline Re-Freshed
In the redesign we were able to organize the navigation, widen the content space and spruce up the pre-existing branding with sleeker elements. In making these changes, Ursuline’s new site is now more user friendly, more pleasing aesthetically and more manageable for updates internally. The eye-catching design gives them a professional look, matching Ursuline’s commitment to excellence.
Traditionally WordPress comes with a decent layout, but it quickly sapped away Ursuline’s brand and made it look like this blog, or this blog. We were able to reconstruct the layout and created a customized theme just for Ursuline. We had to make sure to accentuate the positives of WordPress while minimizing the homogeneity of the CMS. When all is said and done, you wouldn’t even know Ursuline’s site is based on WordPress unless we told you.
WordPress – CMS for Everyone
We employed WordPress, a CMS that is usually reserved for blogs (like this one) to structure the entire website. WordPress’ editing suite feels a lot like a word processor (Microsoft Word, Google Docs, etc.) making it easy for any user to edit or publish changes to the website. One of WordPress’ strengths is its organizational structure and its incorporation of ‘semantic data.’ The better organized a site is, the easier it is for search engines like Google to pick it up. We took advantage of WordPress’ built-in functionality and implemented it for Ursuline in a way that was easy to understand and organizes their updates to the current community and alumnae.
Content That’s Easy to Find
For Ursuline we used categories to organize posts. However, posts were only half of the equation.  WordPress’ oft-underutilized pages made it easy to organize a huge amount of information about the school and tie news stories to their respective areas. WordPress immediately proved itself to be a great CMS for Ursuline – within the first day the school had internally publisheosts.

Mudbug’s latest launch came last week in the form of a total overhaul of New Orleans’ Ursuline Academy, a private Catholic all-girls school. When they came to us, Ursuline wanted their web presence to accomplish the following goals: