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Blog au Roux

Great Creole cuisine comes from the blending of cultural influences — French, Spanish, Caribbean and African — to create a truly distinctive and memorable taste. Our varied backgrounds allow us to share our collective expertise. As for Creole cooking, we start with one core piece of advice, “First you make a roux…”

Previous entries by Antonio Felguerez

Google Places Becomes Google+ Local

How will it impact small businesses?

Google recently rolled out a change to its business listings program, Google Places, integrating the service into its own social network to create Google+ Local Pages. This move follows previous streamlining and integration efforts from the search company, as well as emphasis on the three pillars of new media: social, local, and mobile.

2012′s Best Practices for SEO (So Far)

For businesses to stay competitive in search results, they need to continuously monitor and adapt to the changing ecosystem of SEO. Two years ago social media and search engine optimization were totally independent; however, today it’s accepted by most SEO practitioners that social media plays a key role in search.

How Information Architecture Impacts SEO

Search engines have always espoused the value of the user experience. For years, Matt Cutts and other engineers at Google have been encouraging webmasters to “write for people, not for search engines“. This call-to-action is just as relevant today as Google plans to penalize low-quality websites and content farms benefiting from over-optimized pages.

How Schemas Impact Local SEO

As local search and social media have become more valuable to users and marketers alike, methods of optimizing and leveraging these channels have matured. Local search, a promotion channel vital to small businesses, takes information from social media profiles to build an understanding of a brand or business. Along with social signals, local search uses directory listings and third-party citations as a means of matching a physical business’ reputation with their online presence.

Focus on the User: The Backlash of Google’s Social Search

Recently, Google updated its search engine results pages to feature links to relevant profiles and pages on its still-maturing social network, Google+. The update has been met with criticism, with Twitter stepping out to say that the move is bad for users.

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